Woody Sings Eindje

by Woody Veneman

In November 2014, Woody Veneman was host in a special radio broadcast about Eindhoven music history. During this show, the Eindhoven-born resident examined, as guest presenter, Eindhoven’s music history and told stories about the thriving Eindhoven scene based on songs from the past and present. Highlight of the broadcast, however, were the songs Woody himself performed live. As a tribute to the city’s underground scene, he played four covers of well-known and lesser-known underground tracks, including Mice by Mozes & The Firstborn and the ultimate rock city anthem Rockcity by Peter Pan Speedrock. The four songs were recorded during the broadcast and are now being released as a limited edition single by Lighttown Fidelity.

Patric Muris, 3voor12 Eindhoven