The Man Who Said No

Well it's late in the evening
And the sun is sinking down
It's a nice day in spring
And my baby's not around
She's in some far off land 
With a foreign man

I saw a stranger 
I looked him in the eye and I said ’no’
And he said ‘that's alright man
But I think you must get things straight
Don't roll those bloodshot eyes at me
Go take a bath or something to eat
Read a comic book or comb your hair
Oh, everything is falling down like rain
Everything is falling down like hail’

I saw a stranger
Looked her in the eye
And I said no
And she said 
‘That's alright, baby
That's alright for you
That's alright, sugar
That's alright for you
You can go wherever you want to
You can get something to drink
Or something to lose’

Hand me my mask
I'm a super hero
I looked a man in the eyes
He looked back at me and he said ‘no’
Call my lady
Invite her to the epic showdown
The man said ‘no’
I said ‘I wanna catch some criminals
Please hand me my weapons
I'm gonna catch them’
The man said ‘no’
I ain't afraid of your ghosts
I ain't afraid of bats
I can swallow razorblades
I looked him in the eyes
He looked back at me
And clearly said ‘no’
He said ‘you ain't no superhero
You ain't no fortune teller’
High water rising six inches above my head
I'll be buried at the bottom of the ocean
Ninety one people killed by gunfire
Cherry dies at twenty seven
In a London apartment 
With too much spite inside her body

© 2019