Frère Jacques / Get High

by S.T. Cordell

S.T. Cordell goes totally Madchester meets Kraut. From the same town that brought us RMFTM now comes S.T. Cordell with an exciting and psychedelic sound, recorded on this warmly recommended release. Krauty electronics that easily move you. But the sextet S.T. Cordell, in which we recognize, among others, Woody Veneman (of Woody & Paul's fame) and the illustrious Hermann Blaupunkt, has a broader arsenal of arrows on the bow. Psyched out vocals that would have suited the Madchester days, exotic dance beats, samples and pounding bass lines that recall the heydays of The Cure. The overall sound is at the same time relaxedly groovy, and as driving and dizzying as a Primal Scream release.

Ingmar Griffioen, NMTH