Captain Of My Ship

First she broke my heart
Now she makes my day
All important things in life
Swiftly fly away
Today could be your birthday
Hooray, a pound of gold
Just keep it safe and hidden
untill your days get old
You won't be needing any luggage, mister
This will be your final trip
He will take you to the rising tide
The Captain of your ship

This place is full of idiots
Or idiots build this place
Someone must be messing with
The entire human race
Rich men are weeping
The poor ones seem to laugh
I could fill a swimmingpool
With all the tears I have
Right now a little robin jumps from a fence
And lands upon her lips
I wonder what my captain would do
The Captain of my ship

The whole wide world is wondering
When we all will leave
So al the pretty animals
Can live the life they need
I saw plastic bags that looked like birds
And birds that looked like bags
Last night I met my father
Even he was dressed in rags
He said 'He buddy how're you doing?'
I said: 'Like we always did'
He said: 'Let's spin us some ol' black circle
from the Captain of our ship'

This tune may sound familiar
But people still use wheels
On the road to nowhere
You can hear them tires squeal
The world has seven wonders
As the travellers always tell
Some gardens and some towers
'Guess you know them well
But now the greatest wonder
Is in Uncle Sam's fair land
He sings his way up to eternity
It's Robert Zimmerman

© 2008