Cultural omnivore, record spinner and all round creative spirit. Musical father of dance music formation S.T. Cordell and co-founder of Woody & Paul, an outfit that released half a dozen albums on various indie labels and toured across Europe. From the early 2000s onwards, he has built up a steady solo career, resulting in numerous concerts, soundtracks and an ongoing output of releases.

Veneman is also a visual artist; consequently many of his projects are of an unpredictable and hybrid nature. The Singing Chair — for which he lent his voice, eye and soul — ended up being exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

For over ten years now, Woody has created live music for theatre plays. The most recent pieces, Journey to the End of the Night and Under Milkwood, were performed at Oerol festival Terschelling.

Over the years, Woody has teamed up on stage with Johnny Dowd, Solex, Greg Cartwright, Marc Ribot and Selim Lemouchi. Currently he uses his songwriting, performing and singing skills for the dark duo Polly & Bruce.