Acid Love

We have walked on the mountains
Dwarfed the clouds
We’ve been telling stories
Till the words ran out
And stood there howling
At the stars above
Which like us are strangled
In Acid love

Together we heed
What others don’t see
Like shambling phantoms
In a blind reality
We walk that long road
Hand in glove
And only let go for
Acid Love

Writing you name
Is like writing mine
Blind are the lovers
And love survives time
Knowing you’re around
Gives swagger to my walk
So I’m marching these flatlands
On Acid Love

This dangerous blend
Of jealousy and lust
Is carefully placed
In hands we trust
Hear the fire hiss
Throw on another log
And let it burn with
Acid Love

Heat up some coffee grounds
And we’ll play bride
Bride and groom
On this moonless night
Thanks for ushering me to the true songs
The final shove
And my submergence in
Acid love

If we die together
Really blended into one
Make sure you’ll be there
Into my arms
Run your fingers down my spine
It's time to call it off
For my heart is leaking
Acid Love

© 2017